The organizer of the “TENPENNY Gravel Growler”, Rick Miller, is a longtime cyclist who got his feet dirty back in the early 90’s when he started mountain biking. Rick got his friends motivated to purchase mountain bikes and soon they began taking trips to Moab, Utah, Canaan, WV and other West Virginian destinations. Among other racing events, Rick and friends participated in the “24 Hours of Canaan” and “24 Hours of Big Bear”.  Now, married with three children and living in Utica, Ohio, access to great mountain bike trails is limited but with so many wonderful, lonely country roads out his back door, Rick devotes most of his riding to the road.  When not riding and attending to family responsibilities, Rick manages a very successful mobile bicycle service.

In 2013, Rick signed up for the “Tour of The Battenkill” a well-known cycling event famous for a route that is a combination of pavement, dirt and gravel. To prepare, Rick searched for and trained on his area’s dirt/gravel roads.  Although disappointed to discover the Battenkill’s roads were much smoother than anticipated, Rick’s training, as well as hours spent driving looking for gravel roads, provided Rick with an extensive database of gravel roads.  Knowledge of Coshocton County and the surrounding area has allowed Rick to create an ideal gravel grinding event; “The Ten Penny Gravel Growler.”